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 I purchased my Zyto Compass in October 2011 to have a tool to help my clients see what doTERRA oils they need at the moment.

I have great results using the Compass.  For one client DigestZen came up on the top to bring the most biomarkers back into range, and she confessed that she really was constipated and needed help.  DigestZen is the perfect oil blend for her, applied on the stomach, bottom of the feet or in a gel capsule internally.  It will point to the right oil that will help you with your aches, pain and inflammation.  The scan is a great tool to find the best oil for your clients that need help with emotions.  We have different oils for pain from Peppermint, Past Tense, Wintergreen, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Clove and DeepBlue and more.  The scan picked out the oil for my headache, it was DeepBlue, I applied it across my forehead, top of my head and across the neck and I felt better in no time.  I do like this tool for my business.

Growing Your Business.  Using the Compass to help you grow your business and introduce the Compass to business associates.

Keep Up With Your Body’s Changing Needs.  Invite past customers to come back for return visit and follow-up Compass scan.

Let your Body give you a second opinion.   Using the ZYTO compass to introduce biocommunication to a new customer.


How the bio survey process works.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEzFMZxhek0

Check out the affiliate program here:  https://www.zytocompass.com/Affiliate-Program.aspx

Click here to buy your own Zyto Compass   http://www.zytocompass.com/af/mlee

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